Masterclass: Mobilizing Finance for the SDGs

Mobilizing Finance for the SDGs



Around the world, women and underserved communities are standing up for greater equality and systemic change. Individual and organizational leaders have the opportunity to drive sustainable growth by investing in inclusion and using business as a force for good.  As organizations strive to achieve diversity to boost performance, claiming gender balance is no easy feat especially when there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

The Mobilizing Finance for the SDGs Masterclass is created for professionals from any discipline – consulting, accounting, law, public policy, media, technology, education or finance – and equips them with practical and conceptual knowledge about how to incorporate a gender-lens into their organizational thinking and processes.

This Masterclass provides you with a holistic understanding on gender lens impact investing and sufficiently prepares you for the Certificate Exam. Working professionals access premier content and excerpts from IIX Impact Institute’s full Executive Certificate Program, suited to a two-day learning journey. Getting certified qualifies you to join the Equity@Scale Future 500 Network.

The lessons will draw from IIX’s decade of global experience as a pioneering practitioner and thought-leader of impact investing to provide you with a unique perspective of the current landscape of this rapidly-growing field.

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As the Mobilizing Finance for the SDGs Masterclass aims to enhance professional development, you may consider employer sponsorship of your participation. Or if you are an employer yourself, you may want to initiate a company-wide engagement with us and have your colleagues benefit from our program offering.

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Impact Investing with a Gender Lens Course (4-6 hours online)

For those seeking to dive deeper into the concepts of impact investing and gender lens investing, this Masterclass will guide you through an overview of the key topics in the impact investing space with a gender lens – impact measurement, capital raise, building an enabling environment.


  • Study the fundamentals of Impact Investing and explore the role of the expanding market for gender lens investing
  • Learn about measuring the impact of your organization, whether it is in the private or public sector
  • Explore tools for unlocking more capital for sustainable development and building an enabling environment


  • Define impact investing and its role in achieving the SDGs
  • Outline the challenges and opportunities that exist in the impact economy
  • Outline and define the role that stakeholders can play in building an ecosystem for women’s empowerment

Certificate Exam (1 hour online)

Put your knowledge and competencies to the test by getting certified. Meeting the passing standards earns you a Certificate from IIX Impact Institute:

  • Gain insights to improve your processes and decision-making—whether you are catalyzing change within an organization for gender balance or partnering to support programs/investments for underserved communities
  • Be at the forefront of industry-wide demand for gender-lens competencies—understanding how to play a role in gender-lens impact investing and support gender-transformative businesses
  • Learn to behave strategically in the impact economy and drive organizational performance by grasping key trends and factors in the space and to unlock the potential of inclusive growth
  • Join a global network of impact leaders who are creating an enabling environment for impact investing through the Future 500 Network, in partnership with the Australian government

Complement your learning journey by registering for the Certificate Exam and optimize the benefits gained from the Masterclass.

To pass the Certificate Exam, participants must score at least 70% on the multiple choice exam, upon which you will receive a Certificate from the IIX Impact Institute – allowing you to be showcased to a network of 50,000 impact stakeholders and qualifies you to join the Future 500 Network.

Durreen Shahnaz

CEO and Founder, Impact Investment Exchange (IIX)

Durreen Shahnaz is a global leader of social impact and impact investing. Born in Bangladesh, Durreen has built an international track record as a social entrepreneur, banker, media executive and academic at institutions, including Morgan Stanley (New York), Grameen Bank (Bangladesh), Hearst Magazines International (New York) and the National University of Singapore.

She is the recipient of 2017 Oslo Business for Peace Award, often referred to as the ‘Nobel Prize for Business’, amongst numerous other awards.

Robert Kraybill

CIO and Managing Director, Impact Investment Exchange (IIX)

Robert Kraybill has over 20 years in the traditional capital markets as an advisor and investor, where he was previous head of Asian private equity for Marathon Asset Management and ex-head of investment banking, Asia ex-Japan, for Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein. Kraybill began his career at Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse.

Kraybill leads all of IIX’s portfolio management activities, notably the launch of IIX’s first Women’s Livelihood Bond™ and is leading the team developing the $100 million Women’s Livelihood Bond 2™ and the Women’s Catalyst FundTM. He is also a member of the Innovation Working Group of the Task Force on Justice and Navigating Impact Investment Project.

Melanie Edwards

Founder, Mobile Metrix
Adjunct Professor, Stanford Graduate School of Business and Columbia Business School

Melanie Edwards has significant experience in both the private and public sectors, having worked at J.P. Morgan and the International Data Group, as well as the United Nations Information Technology Service. Melanie is currently the founder of the social venture Mobile Metrix, an inclusive market research company serving marginalized populations.

Melanie is also a lecturer of Social Entrepreneurship at Stanford University and an Adjunct Professor of Business Management at Columbia Business School in New York. In her role at Stanford Graduate School of Business and Columbia Business School, she instructs and advises undergraduate and graduate students in developing their impact ventures, careers and leadership.

David K. Musto, PhD

Ronald O. Perelman Professor in Finance; Faculty Director, Stevens Center for Innovation in Finance, The Wharton School

David K. Musto is the Ronald O. Perelman Professor in Finance and Faculty Director of the Stevens Center for Innovation in Finance at the Wharton School, where he has been on the faculty since 1995. He also served as Senior Financial Economist at the Securities Exchange Commission from 2005 to 2007.

Most of his work, both theoretical and empirical, is in the area of consumer financial services, mutual funds and consumer credit in particular. He has also published work on corporate and political voting, option pricing, short selling, and cross-border taxation.

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