Short Course: Investment Readiness and Impact Assessment (For Enterprises)

Investment Readiness and Impact Assessment


The first-of-its-kind online Investment Readiness and Impact Assessment Course is open to innovative enterprises from anywhere in the world. As a global impact market builder, IIX is democratizing access to world-class business management education with a gender lens to help spur the development of high-impact enterprises that are innovating solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

Your journey to scalability begins with access to human capital – the mastery of business acumen and technical skills for building financial models, business strategies and impact measurement. The lessons will draw from IIX’s decade of global experience as a pioneering practitioner and thought-leader of impact investing to provide you with a unique perspective of the current landscape of this rapidly-growing field.

Course Information

Length: Approximately 3-5 hours                                             Course Access Period: 90 days

Price: $149

Structure:                                                                                                Group rates available. Contact for more info.

  • Self-guided course
  • Readings
  • Assessments
  • IIX Institute digital credential

Complement your learning journey by completing the Business Plan and Financial Models as provided in the course, which will allow you to put the knowledge learned in the course to use. These tools will help you outline your business as well as provide a current outline of your business potential.

Course Benefit

By completing the Investment Readiness and Impact Assessment Course, you will:

  • Deepen your business knowledge on impact investing with a gender lens, capital raise, and impact-driven business management
  • Be equipped with powerful toolkits such as the Digital Impact Assessment Report that will drive effective fundraising
  • Gain fresh perspectives on entrepreneurship and be empowered as an organizational leader and solution-builder

Access IIX Values Today

Our digital Impact Assessment platform is now live! IIX Values is a data-driven, technology-based platform for any business to better identify, measure, and analyze their impact.

In order to get free access to the Investment Readiness and Impact Assessment course, you must:

  1. Sign up on IIX Values at and input your impact data
  2. Submit your digital IA report via email to
  3. Once submitted, a coupon code will be sent to your email address
  4. Enter the coupon code at check out and begin enjoying free access!

Investment Readiness and Impact Assessment Course

Your learning journey begins with:

  • Part 1 – Impact Assessment with a Gender Lens
  • Part 2 – The Fundamentals of Raising Capital
  • Part 3 – Preparing a Business Plan and Financial Model


  • Learn about the landscape of impact investing
  • Explore the important role of gender transformative businesses in women’s empowerment
  • Understand the role of Impact Assessments in assisting in capital raise with a gender lens angle
  • Outline the capital raise process and the financing options available at different growth stages


  • Create business, financial and impact models with guided online instructions
  • Change gendered power dynamics within your team to advance SDG 5 – Gender Equality – and boost organizational performance
  • Define the metrics for social value creation and apply IIX’s proprietary assessment methodology
  • Understand impact investing mechanisms and capital raise processes
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Impact Assessment with Gender Lens Module

You will learn to examine and measure your business impact through a gender lens to fundamentally understand the impact you are making on your communities. You will be introduced to IIX’s proprietary Impact Assessment framework that has been applied to over 150 Impact Enterprises, and be able to access a first of its kind, free Digital Impact Assessment Report.

Fundamentals of Raising Capital Module

The second module of this course will take an in-depth look at the various impact investing mechanisms and deal structures complete with a detailed Investment Readiness process. Leverage IIX’s extensive experience in raising capital for a range of Impact Enterprises across sectors, including exits and follow-on funding.

Investment Readiness Module

From mission statements to product and services offerings to strategies for growth, every business can communicate its potential impact to investors. Access curated content from the Miller Center, a leader in social entrepreneurship training, which will guide you through the basics of marketing to the preparation of business plans and financial models to empower you with the building blocks necessary to establish a sustainable business.


1. Business Plan

  • Outline your business – sector of operations, core business offering, marketing plan and short- and long-term goals – in PowerPoint format with built-in templates
  • Access templates the enable you to create realistic, easy-to-read and organized Business Plans

2. Financial Model

  • Build a financial model using templates and sample references
  • Financial Models are essential to capital raising as it provides a current outline of your business potential
    • Can I take this course?
      Anyone – whether you have business idea or currently operate a business – from anywhere in the world – whether you reside in Asia or Africa – is eligible to take the Investment Readiness and Impact Assessment Course.


    • How much do I have to pay?
      This course costs US$149.


    • How long does this course take?
      This course takes approximately 3.5 hours to complete.


  • What if I need more time to complete this course?
    The online course will be run on-demand and has open enrolment – which means that there is no time limit placed on the courses and you may access it at any time to provide you with ease of flexibility.


  • Can more than 1 person from my organization take this course?
    Yes, we allow more than 1 individual from your organization to enrol in the Investment Readiness and Impact Assessment Course. This is a great way for you to deepen your engagement with us as we strongly advocate knowledge-sharing.

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