Impact Assessment Methodologies

  • Length: 4 weeks
  • Structure: Online
  • Level: Intermediate

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Course Description

The pool of capital for social impact is growing. As impact investing and CSR efforts join grant making as vehicles for social change, this increase in capital could lead to an increase in social impact—but only if the money is well spent and impact is properly measured. Professionals outside of the traditional social sector – including personal wealth advisors, private equity fund managers, private banking professionals, investment banking professionals, management consultants, and various other financial services professionals – are influencing social capital investment decisions

Over four weeks, this masterclass will guide professionals through the process of making informed and effective choices to assess social impact opportunities with the same rigor they bring to traditional finance. In addition to evaluating and managing the financial implications, social capital investors will be equipped with the tools and capacity to meaure and manage social impact.

What You’ll Learn

  • A general overview of the various impact measurement approaches and methodologies
  • Key actors and trends in the impact measurement space
  • Honest practitioner insights about the sector’s main opportunities and challenges

Who Should Apply

  • Investors, family offices, and finance professionals who seek to learn about high impact philanthropy and investing and incorporate principles of impact measurement into their work scope
  • Students and young professionals looking to grow their career in impact investing and social impact
  • Non-profit and foundations seeking to dive deeper into impact measurement and impact assessment methodologies