Gain a multidisciplinary learning experience

Packed with theoretical and practical training, you’ll gain the most sought-after skills that drive progress for the SDGs – such as measuring impact or creating innovative financial instruments. Receive a digital credential from the IIX Institute upon completing the masterclass and passing the certificate exam.

Our Programs

We offer unique masterclasses that help you dive into the most exciting and relevant themes in the industry today:

Building an Enabling Environment

Open enrollment 

Explore how you can help cultivate an environment in which sustainable investing is the mainstream. Evaluate how policies and strategic partnerships can mobilize innovative finance and impact investing to achieve the SDGs.

Measuring Impact for Sustainability

Begins June 7

Develop a practitioner-level understanding of best practices and current trends of the impact measurement and ESG landscape. Identify the key steps needed to create lasting impact and discover how your company’s impact can exponentially grow.

Innovative Financial Solutions for Resilience

Begins September 28

Gain an advanced understanding of how innovative financial structures are critical to solving today’s greatest challenges – from tackling climate action to achieving COVID resilience. Through a series of self-guided courses and live sessions, emerge as a skilled practitioner in innovative finance.


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