Get Certified at IIX Institute

Recognizing Your Impact

To showcase achievements earned by our students during their time with us at IIX Institute, we have partnered with Credly to offer digital certifications of completion to our alumni.

These certifications are visible and shareable digital verifications that represent the knowledge and skills students have gained with the completion of our courses and programs.

Here are some of the credentials offered by IIX Institute:


What is a digital credential?

A digital credential is a web-enabled certification that represents the completion of a course at the IIX Institute, and are indicative of the knowledge and/or skills gained through the process of completing the course. These credentials are not the same as a degree program or a software certification program. Additionally, these certificates are not endorsed or recognized by third-parties.

What are the benefits of claiming my digital credential?

A digital credential is a highly visible and shareable digital verification of your accomplishment with IIX Institute. Sharing your digital credential on social media platforms is a great way to signal your interest, knowledge, and skillset in a subject matter.

How can I claim my digital credential?

Upon completion of select courses and programs, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions from us on how to claim your digital credential. You will also receive an email from our digital credential partner, Credly, on how to accept and share your newly gained digital credential

Is there a fee to use the Credly platform?

No, this service is provided to our alumni by IIX Institute at no cost.

Can I share my digital credential on social networks?

Yes! You can share your digital credentials on social network platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc. You can also share it emails or on embedded on a website. Please refer here for more details on how you can share your digital credentials.

Who can I contact if I have more queries about my digital credential?

If you have completed a course but have yet to receive your digital credential, please email us at

Please refer here for more information on Credly digital credentials.


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