Certificate Exam: Introduction to Impact Investing with a Gender Lens

jmaximus · August 30, 2019

Get certified and be at the forefront of industry-wide demand of gender lens competencies! Earn the IIX Impact Institute Certificate and be recognized for your expertise in Gender Lens Impact Investing.


  • Gain insights to improve your processes and decision-making—whether you are catalyzing change within an organization for gender balance or partnering to support programs/investments for underserved communities
  • Be at the forefront of industry-wide demand for gender-lens competencies—understanding how to play a role in gender-lens impact investing and support gender-transformative businesses
  • Learn to behave strategically in the impact economy and drive organizational performance by grasping key trends and factors in the space and to unlock the potential of inclusive growth
  • Join a global network of impact leaders who are creating an enabling environment for impact investing through the Future 500 Network, in partnership with the Australian government


  • Can I take this exam? How do I earn the Certificate?
    At IIX, we believe everyone can play a role in driving women’s empowerment – starting from knowledge-sharing. You have to score at least 70% on the exam to pass and earn the Certificate.


  • How much do I have to pay?
    This Certificate exam costs US$129.


  • How long does this exam take? 
    Once you start the exam, it will only be available to you for a maximum of 22 hours. You should complete the exam within the ample time given.


  • Do I need to take any IIX Impact Institute courses before sitting for the exam?
    We highly recommend that you register for the Specialization Course: Impact Investing with a Gender Lens to sufficiently prepare you for the Certificate Exam.
  • How many questions are there?
    There are a total of 34 Multiple Choice Questions.


  • What if I need more time to complete the exam?
    If you are facing challenges to meeting the time allocated for the exam, please contact us at impactinstitute@iixglobal.com. We’re here to help!


  • What happens if I fail?
    You may choose to re-sit the Certificate Exam at a 40% discount! However, we strongly recommend that you access the Specialization Course: Impact Investing with a Gender Lens and all supplementary reading material to gain a deeper overview of what is being tested.

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