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Put your knowledge and competencies to the test by getting certified. Passing the certificate exam earns you the Investing in Inclusion Certificate from IIX Impact Institute:


  • Gain insights to improve your processes and decision-making—whether you are catalyzing change within an organization for gender balance or partnering to support programs/investments for underserved communities
  • Be at the forefront of industry-wide demand for gender-lens competencies—understanding how to play a role in gender-lens impact investing and support gender-transformative businesses
  • Learn to behave strategically in the impact economy and drive organizational performance by grasping key trends and factors in the space and to unlock the potential of inclusive growth
  • Join a global network of impact leaders who are creating an enabling environment for impact investing through the Future 500 Network, in partnership with the Australian government


  • Can I take this exam? How do I earn the certificate?
    At IIX, we believe everyone can play a role in driving women’s empowerment – starting from knowledge-sharing. You have to score at least 70% on the exam to pass and earn the Investing in Inclusion Certificate.


  • How much do I have to pay?
    This certificate exam costs US$179.


  • How long does this exam take? 
    Once you start the exam, it will only be available to you for a maximum of 22 hours. You should complete the exam within the ample time given.


  • Do I need to take the Investing in Inclusion courses before sitting for the exam?
    Although you are given the option to take the courses, we highly recommend that you complete the Introduction to Investing in Inclusion followed by Investing in Inclusion Masterclass as well as all supplementary reading material to sufficiently prepare you for the certificate exam.
  • How many questions are there?

There are 34 Multiple Choice Questions.


  • What if I need more time to complete the exam?
    If you are facing challenges to meeting the time allocated for the exam, please contact us at We’re here to help!


  • Can I participate in the Equity@Scale program?
    Passing the exam earns you the Investing in Inclusion Certificate and qualifies you to join the Future 500 Network. You will be showcased online to a network of +43,000 impact stakeholders with affiliation to IIX and the Australian government.


  • What happens if I fail my certificate exam?
    You may choose to re-sit the certificate exam at a discount to the listed fee of US$179. However, we strongly recommend that you access the Investing in Inclusion Masterclass and all supplementary reading material to gain a deeper overview of what is being tested.