Introduction to Investing in Inclusion

jmaximus · March 2, 2020

Your impact journey begins with the Introduction to Investing in Inclusion short course which acts as a primer for developing a gender transformative mindset with a dual-focus on social and environmental impact alongside financial returns. This course is also a prerequisite to participating in the Future 500 Network.


  • Recognize the need and importance of investing in inclusion
  • Explore the role of Gender Transformative Businesses in women’s empowerment and learn how to become one
  • Learn about how to grow an enabling ecosystem and drive investment towards building an equal society


  • Define what gender lens investing means and understand its trends
  • Outline the gaps and opportunities that exist in the space
  • Outline and define the role that stakeholders can play in building an ecosystem for women empowerment


  • Can I take this course?
    The Introduction to Investing is available for everyone to take regardless of sector, country, age and level of position.


  • How much do I have to pay?
    This course costs US$249.


  • Do I need to take the Investing in Inclusion courses in a specific order?
    Introduction to Investing in Inclusion is the first component of the 2-course series which precedes the Investing in Inclusion Masterclass. Although you are given the flexibility to take the course in any order, we highly recommend that you complete the short course followed by the masterclass to prepare you sufficiently for the certificate exam.
  • How long does the course take?
    This course takes approximately 1.5 hours to complete. You may choose to enrol in the short course at any time. However, once you begin accessing the course material, it will only be available to you for 1 month.


  • What if I need more time to complete the course?
    You may choose to re-enrol in the short course at any time. Otherwise, you may contact us at if you face any challenges. We’re here to help!


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