Certificate Exam: Innovative Financing Solutions for Resilience

IIX Impact Institute · October 13, 2020

Welcome to the Measuring Impact for Sustainability Certificate Exam.

Before starting the exam:

  • Check your computer. Avoid last-minute problems! Verify that your wifi connection is strong and that your laptop is fully charged or connected to the power outlet.
  • Carve out a quiet test-taking spot with minimal distractions. Turn off all notifications from your laptop, phone, email, and elsewhere (or, set them to silent). Shut off the TV and radio. Let your colleagues or family know that you’ll be taking a test so that they’re less likely to interrupt you during that time.
  • Read the questions very carefully. For example, some questions may ask you to identify the wrong or incorrect answers.

During the exam:

  • Students must complete the 35-question multiple-choice exam within the 2-hour time frame allotted for the exam. If needed, there is a navigation button to go back to previous questions.
  • After 2 hours, the exam will auto-submit.
  • Students must not stop the session and then return to it. This is especially important in the online environment where the system will “time-out” and not allow the student to reenter the exam site.
  • Students may not receive help from the instructor, students, or any other outside sources during the exam.

What to do if your online exam is interrupted

  • If your online exam is interrupted due to technical issues, click the “Back” button on your web browser to see if you can return to the exam. If the problem persists, please contact support at impactinstitute@iixglobal.com.
What happens after the exam 
  • If you score 70% or above, you will receive a certificate of completion from IIX Impact Institue on June 2.
  • If you score 70% or below and would like to try again, you are welcome to retake the certificate exam at a reduced cost.

To start the exam, please click the link below under ‘Course Content’.

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